The perpetually barking dog… The 24 hour party people…The untidy lawn and the car park hog! Unfortunately, these things are as much a part of sectional title living as is peace-of-mind security and a lock-up-and-go lifestyle. Of all challenges that face the Body Corporates, Home Owner Associations and residents of sectional title complexes today, perhaps that of striking a happy balance between the applying of necessary rules and regulations – and the maintenance of a happy, neighbourly environment – is the greatest. The applying of necessary protocols with practical, day-to-day contented living.

As part of the Landsdowne Group, Landsdowne Estate Management is a dynamic company that fulfils a specialist role in the property arena: a role which, in the past few years, has become an ever-increasingly vital part of complex and estate living.

As a company, we offer a complete, end-to-end estate management solution for Sectional Title townhouse complexes and Section 21 freehold residential housing estates.

As your Estate Management Company, we are here to provide complete supervision of your estate, which can involve:

Why you need Landsdowne Estate Management

"Good estate management makes for good neighbours!"

As a Trustee or member of the Body Corporate you’ll know that there are many big issues that can affect the harmonious and effective running of your complex or estate. From organising an investment in security to re-painting the buildings, the issues are many and complex which, if not handled correctly, can prove disastrous for your community. Equally however, there are smaller issues which can take up time, effort and resources – from refuse collection to the issuing of gate remotes.

But whether major or minor – you will know that the truth is trustees of developments simply DO NOT have the time and ability to handle every issue, conflict, demand or requirement.

At the same time, as a trustee your greatest challenge is to find workable, effective solutions to some very real economic and industry-related issues:

The Landsdowne Philosophy

This is where Landsdowne fills the gap – offering you an estate management service that…

At Landsdowne Estate Management, our mandate to you is to take care of the day-to-day running of your complex through close liaison with the Body Corporate and Trustees.

Our deliverable sees the combined benefit of the removal of time-consuming admin from your door-step while also ensuring cost-effective, cost-conscious maintenance of your development through the management of service providers.

Our promise is to relieve you of the burden of day-to-day management of your development while getting the kind of results that add value to the investments of individual residents and the Body Corporate as a whole.

Our commitment is to ensure your investment delivers healthy return on investment, year-on-year while complying closely with all policies, procedures and legal requirements.

But perhaps our greatest point of difference is in our understanding of the delicate balance between the principle and the practicalities of rule-adherence. It's a fine line that respects both regulations and important relationships, ensuring a successfully-managed investment AND a good, neighbourly, solution-focussed community.

As an estate manager, our role in the property value chain is to ensure effective and efficient running of developments - through hands-on, day-to-day involvement, proactive advice and expert knowledge. We represent all stakeholders in an objective and impartial way to ensure effective conflict management – while preserving and maximising your investment is always a constant priority.

We continuously strive to work towards the maintenance of a mutually beneficial environment for the complex, its trustees, owners, residents, service providers and managing agents alike."

Relationship not just rules – We believe that behind the properties are people, so we place great emphasis on doing what needs to be done while maintaining respectful relationships with complex owners. A listening approach, collaborative mind-set and understanding are all key to our role.

Profitability not promises – We do everything we can within the scope of our mandate to contribute toward maintaining the financial health of your complex.

Solutions not sales – The award of a contract to us is merely the beginning of your relationship with Landsdowne. Far from simply making a sale, our role is to solve your problems and offer on-going, cost-effective, working solutions that make a real difference.

Hands-on not just help – Ours is a 'roll your sleeves up and get on with it' approach. We will do whatever it takes to get the necessary results while respecting relationships and requirements.

Landsdowne offers a unique approach to Estate Management, through its service ethic, group structure, style and approach and human capital.


Maintenance of On-Line Resident Enquiry Management System

We develop and maintain a comprehensive system that provides access to vital estate information at any time. Trustees have access to all reports on the system which includes:


Resident Administration

To ensure smooth running of your development, we handle all necessary paperwork and general information management. This includes:


Call Centre

To help residents and owners with day-to-day queries, all residents and owners have access to our Help Line on 011 465 4596. Queries are logged and then assigned to relevant service providers.

The call centre can be accessed during normal office hours between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays.


Essential Liaison

To ensure constant communication and inclusion of all stakeholders on pertinent matters, we liaise between your body corporate Chairman and the elected Trustees, with the Managing Agent and with all residents and owners.


Service Provider Management

At the request of the Trustees, we liaise with all contracted and non-contracted Service Providers, from Garden Services, Maintenance and Security to any other service provider at the request of the Trustees. We also manage the database of all approved estate agents and service providers.


Estate Manager Role

In the event of there being a designated onsite Estate Manager, we would ensure:


Trustee Meetings

Meetings are always important forums in complex living.

With this in mind we:


Services & Help

As the administrative lifeblood of your development, we play a vital role which includes:

We also provide any other reasonable assistance to the Trustees and Body Corporate as may be requested from time to time.


Site Inspections

To ensure general upkeep and check that all necessary maintenance is being carried out – we:

Financial protection

Good, effective estate management shows on your bottom-line – in the performance of your asset year-on-year.

Financial savings

Smart management of service providers and insightful forward planning all ensure long-term savings that go straight back to residents.

Effective maintenance

An involved estate manager who is integrally involved with service providers such as maintenance and security, means high standards are maintained. Residents enjoy optimum service delivery and their investment is looked after.

A positive spirit

A development with an effective estate manager that provides a hands-on, visible service and deals with matters collaboratively and with the right attitude, is a happy one defined – by good neighbourliness and community spirit.

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