Who We Are

The Landsdowne Property Services comprises 2 major components, Landsdowne Investment Properties and Landsdowne Property Management. Both are effective, complementary and synergistic in form, philosophy and function. We call it the Landsdowne Law. And this is how it works for you.

The Landsdowne Law


How different?

Unlike many companies, we have a contemporary, unique approach that works 6 ways, specifically for investors like you, it's called the Landsdowne Law. Unlike others, we don't repeat the same thing over and over again, expecting different results - that is insanity! We are always innovating, trying different things, seeing how they work for you - from what you bring to the party, it's our job to maximise the asset performance via an innovative and individual approach, taking nothing for granted. We start with the outcome you're looking for and work back. With many satisfied Landsdowne clients you can see that our good work shines through 100%!

It is this kind of smart thinking that generates sound investment returns, saves money and protects assets, controls costs and saves you hassle and time AND most importantly, secures the long-term investment value of your current or prospective properties.

Landsdowne - Lifestyle

The People behind the Performance

Landsdowne Investment Properties was formed in 2006 under the managing directorship of Jonathan Kohler - a dynamic captain of industry who had helped forge the strength of Summercon Property Development, with residential signature developments.

Jonathan's experience in property development and service was a natural springboard for his creation of a specialized company providing specific management solutions for off-plan developments. The diverse challenges that are as unique to each development as the residents themselves. financials and budgets that require both right-brained reason and left-brained solution-seeking mastery. This was the appeal for Jonathan, and it is through this that his name and that of Landsdowne have become synonymous with property management services for the new millennium and a joint venture service company Landsdowne Property Management was formed in 2010.

The Property Services we provide best

What Qualifies us to solve your pain

In Depth Experience

Our property management services team has direct hands-on property experience in the industry. We all live and breathe property. It is simply what we do and property is our passion. Through our affiliations, associations and connections, we are able to stay more than one step ahead of all the latest trends and developments in the property market for your benefit, and especially as it relates to contemporary lifestyle sectional title townhouses and apartments.

Facilitating New Developments Service

The development process is ongoing and not without its share of complexities, stress, pressure and sheer hard work. From the moment Landsdowne Property Services is engaged by you, whether at concept stage or later in the development process, we will use all our expertise, experience and advice to work for you.

A property service relationship is key

We believe it is very important that the relationship between all parties and stakeholders is totally professional from day one. Landsdowne has an ongoing commitment to honesty, transparency and a mutual respect in all it's dealings.

In depth service knowledge and information

At Landsdowne we pride ourselves on our transparent and knowledgeable approach to ensure that our clients are always adequately informed and equipped to make the right decisions regarding their property investments.

Our goal is to alleviate our client's anxiety throughout the investment, development or management process and our vision is to see the Landsdowne service brand become synonymous with the creation of wealth.


Landsdowne Property Services' competitive advantage is rooted in its desire to upgrade the professionalism of the industry - to do better than any competition and therefore do better for you. The purchase of a property, at any price is both an emotional and a huge business decision. The decision to purchase is driven by emotion, while the purchase price is tied to both emotion and market data. Landsdowne has a firm grasp of both aspects and will share this with you.

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