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Most of us cannot believe that we are already heading out of winter, half of 2013 is over and its almost time to start thinking about Christmas presents ( and December holidays ) again.

I feel that's its always a good idea to summarise where you are and what you have achieved, and even more importantly to look at what you haven't accomplished and what needs to be revisited and re-planned.

At the beginning of this year we drew up a vision board, this particular one related to work and increasing business. Of course the beginning of the year is exciting, there is a new energy and commitment to the resolutions that we make. As the year charges ahead we may forget about the vision board and perhaps we start forgetting the most important part to lay out the plans which will lead us to achieving our goals. Looking at this again in the past week or so, the LEM team has created a new energy with new goals and plans.This leads us to our personal vision boards, very often money is part of this and success in business can help make these personal goals come to fruition.

A few months into the working year we decided to try out a staff swap and now have two members of staff who are excelling in their new roles. Michaela Erasmus who has worked for Landsdowne for some years joined LEM and has absolutely thrived; she is well liked by trustees and residents and shows a passion for her work which is more reason to be excited for our future.

We have reset our goal list and work closely together to try and achieve what our mission for the business is. Michaela is part of the family and we intend for her to be with us for many years to come. I felt that it was important to take the time out away from the office, ringing phones and overloaded inboxes and get everyone's ideas and goals up on the drawing board.

A little over a year ago this business began- we did not have any contracts in place but did carry a belief that this would change very soon. We currently have 8 complexes which we believe to be extremely well run and have all the attention and personal detail they deserve; from our smallest complexes to the largest. Summercon have been a pleasure to work with and we are thankful for their support and for continuing to hand us their complexes after our successful management of Cara Blu. We have learned so much from the Summercon developers and team in general and are honoured to be one of their chosen service providers.

We take our own time to investigate new concepts and ideas and cost saving exercises for our complexes and believe we have gone a long way in improving services to the complexes in different areas. Our relationships with our contractors ensure that we get great service at a good price again ensuring our complexes are well looked after.
Hard work and determination had lead us to where we are now. We have had some disappointment, as every company experiences but we strive to stand out and be the best and know that we will continue to win and grow in the next few years.

Our office is full of dynamic, young and enthusiastic people. Every day is filled with challenges but the openness and genuine friendship created among staff has lead us all to many laughs and great times and I believe we have a great office spirit. We have added an album of photos on our Facebook page including some of our complexes, initiatives for the year and of course the people who make it all happen. The Landsdowne staff and directors.

Some great things said from our trustees and residents over the past year:

"Hayley, on behalf of the BC I would like to thank you very much for the excellence in which you have approached the issues at hand right from the start. It is truly appreciated and this is the type of dedication the complex is in desperate need for!"

"Thanks once again for your dedication and energy to drive issues to resolution, it is HIGHLY appreciated"

"Thank you for the news letter and also would like to commend you for the initiatives you are taking, it is a whiff of fresh air to note some action for the levies we pay."

"The complex is very well run and a compliment to the Management Team."

"Thank You for your prompt assistance in having our issue resolved. Previously to deal with issues like these were a nightmare."

"We love our new Estate Manager and have been much happier about a lot of issues since your arrival. Thank you."

"Just want to let you know that we think Michaela is doing great. We are also really happy with Landsdowne and think that having you as our EM has made a very big difference in a good way!"

"Wow Hayley!! This is such a pleasure we really appreciate your hands-on approach!"

So here's to part two of 2013 - one that is charged with energy and commitment and ensuring the year ends with a bang!